Dark Rift Models

Models created for Embers of War and it's cinematic. A very special thanks goes to Edo von Muralt as we both took on all the different aspects of the models and their variants as the game project evolved.
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Ben hosac cent final polypaint
Ben hosac guardiancap 01

Embers of War - Official Launch Trailer
I made the storyboard, concept art, most character models sent to animation studio for up-res.

Ben hosac runtvarcap 01
Ben hosac tribalgreataxe cap01
Ben hosac reaveraxe cap03
Ben hosac greatsword copy01

one of the many weapons

Ben hosac tribalgreatsword cap02

substance pass close-up

Ben hosac capture combi
Ben hosac pf9ovu9a9sf8i1lkgtrp9i3jvss22dqdh
Ben hosac gargantuan render
Ben hosac benhosac dre sculpt gargantuan
Ben hosac leviathan render
Ben hosac benhosac dre sculpt leviathan
Ben hosac runt armor cap07
Ben hosac runt armor cap02
Ben hosac runt armor cap00
Ben hosac runt armor cap03
Ben hosac runt armor cap01
Ben hosac runt armor cap05
Ben hosac runt armor cap06
Ben hosac runt armor cap04